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Green meets gracious...
Hip not hippie...

Just steps above the coastal expanse that is world famous Malibu, the Malibu Eco Village rises above the ocean mist like paradise, beckoning those ready to manifest the green life we are meant to live... yet without sacrifice. Captivated by the mystery of the canyon, the freedom of open spaces and the majesty of the sea, you will first fall in love with the landscape. It is the land, after all, that teaches us how to design a home and lifestyle... complementing the natural beauty and bounty of our planet.

Those who are compelled and ready to be even more ecologically responsible within their lives are seeking a modern vision of an old ideal. Where green does not have to mean flower child, or sound like folk music. A new era, an updated eco generation has arrived... sophisticated and upscale. Where luxury and technology meet environmentalism. Enjoying a renewed appreciation for a community of friends and neighbors. Come live a sustainable lifestyle, where dreams grow organically.

The village is on 20 acres comprising 15 homes with exceptional community amenities including: Beach access to sandy beach. Vast open spaces. Organic sustainable produce gardens, orchard and vineyard managed by horticultural experts. Decorative Eco Gardens, walking paths and trails. Resort style amenities. Village Center with great room, screening room, class room and more. Wind and Solar powered. Fully wired. Helipad. Institute for Eco Studies, a research lab associated with a university. 

Ocean view 2 & 3 bedroom green architecturally significant modernist homes with guest houses. Co-op fees, shared land ownership. From the high $1 millions.

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For investment information please call: 310-470-9515


LV by Rocio Romero LLC, photo by: Richard Sprengler