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Aiden Chase is an acclaimed, third generation, healer and intuitive. He uses his extraordinary healing and psychic gifts to support his cleints wishes and dreams through light, love and inspiration. His psychic abilities also include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Clients come to him from around the world seeking channeled energy healing and intuitive psychic guidance. Aiden is a real 21st century Harry Potter who lives in Los Angeles in the heart of the entertainment industry. Known as “Hollywood’s Healer,” he brings healing and guidance to Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, power players, newcomers and their projects. In addition, Aiden communicates with spirit guides, angels and passed on spirits including: Hollywood legendary actor and producer Gene Kelly, NBC/Paramount executive Brandon Tartikoff, and famed Hollywood master architect Paul Williams. Aiden is also a renowned intuitive business advisor and strategist creating successful solutions and guidance for executives and corporations of all sizes.

He is on the forefront of discussions with scientists and doctors about vibrational medicine and energy healing modalities. He is currently writing his first book on energy healing, ancient traditions and synergistic symbology. At age 19, Aiden earned a BA in humanities with business from Matteo Ricci College at Seattle University. He was a selected participant in the renowned Matteo Ricci Program of accelerated studies in humanities consisting of world philosophies, sociology, spirituality, eco politics, architecture and the arts.  Additionally, Aiden is an ordained minister.

Aiden has had a long history as a producing and creative consultant for Hollywood film and television projects and has consulted to award winning Hollywood producers, directors, studio executives, agents, and actors.

Additionally, Aiden is an enthusiastic ecoist and advocate of the green lifestyle. He is currently developing the Malibu Eco Village - a residential living and lab project consisting of 15 green modernist homes with sustainable gardens, solar and wind power.


Named "Hollywood's A-List Psychic" by the Hollywood Reporter


Ancient Tomorrow TV Trailer


Aiden is the intuitive-psychic guide investigative team member on the show helping the team to navigate and find clues both historical and futuristic on expeditions around the world. The goal is to re-discover ancient sustainable energy technologies.





Appearances and Interviews


Speaking Engagements

Aiden can speak and provide information for television, radio, film, print and speaking engagements on topics including: 

  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive and Psychic phenomena 
  • Manifestation of your wishes and dreams
  • Meditation
  • Oneness 
  • The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection 
  • Angel and Spirit Communication 
  • Ancient Healing of Native America, Europe, Altlantis and Beyond 
  • Inter-dimensional travel 
  • Eco Villages/Malibu Eco Village



Aiden's Newsletters


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