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"Aiden Chase is a true healer and a divine channel. Aiden is full of kindness, compassion and love. My sessions with him have been profound and have brought tremendous growth and awareness into my life. Just from making my first appointment, before the first session had actually taken place, financial abundance and work came flooding my way. In a safe and comfortable environment, Aiden gently and lovingly works with you and your guides to remove the blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from your true destiny. I am incredibly grateful to Aiden and his healing work and would never hesitate to send any and all of my friends and family to receive the great gift that Aiden Chase has to offer." 

Sara Pereira, Licensed Massage Therapist - Los Angeles, Ca.


"Aiden is one of the most talented intuitives that I have come across. I have been single for a while now, but one of the things that Aiden said to me in the reading was that I would have two love interests coming into my life shortly that I hadn't met yet, one of which was of an international nature. Well, that man came into my life WITHIN 1 HOUR of our reading, leading to one of the most romantic experiences I've ever had. He also looked into my professional life, and picked up on details surrounding my life which he couldn't possibly have known if he did not have the gift. He ended the reading with a bit of healing work and not only was the rest of my trip to California a really magical experience, I have come back to my home in London in a very blissful state of mind. Thank you Aiden - it was a blessing to be able to connect with you."

Shay Allie, Esq. - London, England


“Thank you so much for my healing session Aiden. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you for removing my deep anger. I feel really good! I feel a lot happier and lighter and I’m laughing a lot more. Things that used to irritate me so much I now just laugh at! My PMS used to be horrible but since the session it is so much better. I didn’t have that intense anger I usually have. You were right, making room in myself for new things works.... I finally found the apartment I wanted. It is truly amazing the difference our session has made for me. Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful gift.“

Stephanie Kimura - Venice, Ca.


"Just pick up the phone and call. This is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. I had never been to an intuitive healer before so I didn't know what to expect. I just went with an open mind and heart. I have had several sessions with Aiden and the results have been phenomenal. I am a better and changed person for the experience. I have accomplished more in the past few months than I had the the past 5 yrs. I have found myself to be more open to new things and opportunities. I no longer say "NO" as my first reaction. I am excited to be in the world again. I have removed blocks and resistance that I thought I would have to deal with the rest of my life. The environment that Aiden creates is soothing and calming. You will feel like old friends right away, and before you know it the session is over and you feel much different. I have found all the negative people and situations in my life have just fallen away, and new and better things are coming to me now. Best wishes to all who read this."

Cathy Provenzano - Los Angeles, Ca.



"Aiden, I would like to tell you and anyone who may be a skeptic of your healing abilities, how utterly grateful I am for the group session we did. It has always been a bit hard for me to believe ever getting healed from my years of lower back pain and from bad knees that have been bothering me for over 10 years. No doctors could help, acupuncture only helped when I really couldn't bare the pain any longer (only for a short time) and even yoga couldn't make it go away completely... but then there was AIDEN! I can't tell you how shocked I was, and how strange it felt to suddenly NOT feel pain! I'm still getting used to this good painless feeling! Every time I realize that there is no pain I smile and thank you mentally, Aiden (believe me it happens a lot through out the day!) You have an incredibly wonderful gift, and I'm very honored to have experienced this healing with you. Thanks once again."

Jayson Moton - Venice, Ca.


"I attended a group healing event for prosperity with Aiden and was not sure what to expect. He immediately put us at ease. We sat in a circle and he asked us what we would like to manifest in our lives. I stated my intentions. Aiden then led us through a relaxing guided meditation and then some indiviual healing work. I felt "lighter" immediately afterwards, but the amazing thing is that within two weeks I had manifested all of the goals I set during the session -- many of them long-standing issues that depended on other people's participation. I contacted Aiden to thank him and told him that I now have to make a new list! I later learned that Aiden had performed a Holographic Directional Light Energy Projection that day for us, in which specific intentional information is directed and broadcast in the form of light energy and projected to a specific person, place or concept to support it's manifestation. I look forward to working with Aiden again soon. He clearly has a special gift."

Cynthia Randall - Malibu, Ca.


“On my first healing with Aiden I was put completely at ease and felt very safe and secure with him. I loved my experience! I particularly enjoyed the healing meditation with music. The use of healing stones in my hands produced a warm energy that ran the length of my body. We opened something up inside me. The new vibrations continue to resonate through my life. We released my anxiety of daily life stress, leaving me relaxed with a profound sense of peacefulness and a restored sense of well-being. This experience led me to more deeply examine and explore my spirituality and connection to my heart and the world. Aiden helped me to reconnect to my true self. “ 

Melinda Rosenthal - Beverly Hills, Ca.

"Thank you for an amazing session Aiden. I felt so incredibly relaxed. You really took me on a magical journey of healing. You gracefully blend so many healing modalities. I felt so alive and at peace all at the same time. What a gift you have - I look forward to our next session together."

Debra Azar - Beverly Hills, Ca.

"Aiden Chase is one of the most bright & positive individuals I have met. He has the ability to deeply listen to a person, and penetrate into what is really going on with them in a very compassionate way, so you feel he is there for you and your success. When he does his healing, many other dimensions enter the picture to help support you in clearing what needs to be cleared, and illuminating what is ready to be seen. It was a great experience to get a healing from Aiden and I feel blessed to know him."

Tej Khalsa - Los Angeles, Ca.

"Aiden's calm, caring and focused energy created a wonderful safe space, allowing me to relax and connect more to my energy. His ability to work with energy and facilitate healing created a wonderful session, where I felt much lighter and rejuvenated! He clearly has a true intention to help people, and I strongly recommend him."

Jill Dittrick - Santa Monica, Ca.




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