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Space Clearings: Homes - Buildings - Businesses

  • Your spaces may be holding negative energy!
  • Feeling strange or odd vibes in your space?
  • Stress or fear held over from prior inhabitants?
  • Certain rooms not feeling right? Ghosts?
  • Staff not getting along or being productive?
  • Need help selecting homes, offices and buildings?
  • Clear negative residue, stress and anger energy!
  • Re-energize your space for wellbeing & success!
  • Feel better in your space to attract prosperity!
  • Clear the pain and anxiety from doctors’ offices.
  • House and Business Blessing Ceremonies.



Space Clearing and Charging

  • Single session at your location in L.A./Palm Desert: From $900

            $900 for the first 2000 square feet, 

            $200 for each additional 1000 square feet 


To schedule an appointment please call:

Office landline  310-470-9515 


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